Tigranes II the Great Line Art – King Coloring Page

Tigranes II the Great Line art

Bari Arev, dear friends! We present to you the Tigranes II the Great Line Art. Our art team is a video game lover and we love the strategy genre of games. We played Rome Total War so much that we got very interested in history and historical figures. We went through the whole game for the cradle of civilization, we played for the kingdom of Armenia.

Fighting for the Armenian kingdom against Rome, Parthia, Macedonia, Egypt, and other great kingdoms, we fell in love with the Armenian kingdom and became fans of the history of Armenia, which is full of secrets and great pages.

Why did we draw exactly Tigranes II the Great Line Art? It’s simple, Tigran the Great is the most popular king in the history of Armenia, in which the kingdom grew to its maximum size in the history of this state, and he was named the King of Kings.

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