Elsa Coloring Page – Princess Elsa

Elsa Coloring Page

Hello! In the coloring page, Elsa is a character from the popular animated cartoon Frozen. This princess has a huge secret for those around her. The secret is her magical ability, which allows her to manipulate snow and ice. Elsa’s great fear is that she is afraid of becoming something that might harm others. Although Elsa is a cold character, her character is not cold at all, she is very kind. If you want to color a snowflake, then it is also in our coloring book.

If you are familiar with this character, then you know perfectly well what colors you need to paint. If not, then imagine what shades the princess would be, who is very close to cold and snow. Sure! These are white and other light colors associated with cold. Her hair is light, her dress is light bluish and her cheeks are ruddy from frost.

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