Elephant Coloring Page

Elephant Coloring Page

Hi, this is the ColoringBookz! The elephant coloring page is drawn after the African Elephantidae. This is the most common type of elephant for all people, but it is also the largest known Elephantidae today. Asiatic elephants are slightly smaller and much less common with tusks. Also for coloring, it is worth considering that African elephants are gray, and Asiatic elephants are dark gray. These cute animals should be under the care of people and world animal protection organizations because they are direct descendants of mammoths. On our site, you can also color in many other drawings with animals, for example, a horse, or a fairy unicorn, or cute fluffy sheep.

Paint the drawing of an elephant in a light gray, you can leave the tusks white, but it is better to paint it in ivory. Paint your nails in tusk colors too. You can add texture to the elephant’s skin and add shadows.

What you need for coloring:

  • Download or print this printable coloring book.
  • Use colored pencils, colored markers, or paints. If you want to paint on your device, then use drawing apps.
  • Publish the resulting elephant coloring page on your social networks and share it with your friends!



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