BMW X4 Coloring Page

BMW X4 Coloring Page

Hey! We offer to do coloring BMW X4 coloring page. The car of the new version practically does not differ from the previous model, but it has noticeable improvements. The car has changed especially noticeably in appearance. New front-mounted headlights have LED stuffing, and the branded chrome grille is unchanged in its rightful place.

At the rear, there are new narrow LED headlights. The interior design is made in a new style. The salon is lined with leather, but in the base there is only fabric. Decorative inserts made of aluminum, wood and other materials are also used. The leather upholstery can be made in any desired color.

You can color the BMW X4 coloring page of the legendary company in various bright and memorable shades. Such a choice of colors will emphasize the showiness and attractiveness of the model. Paint the car red, turquoise, green.

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