BMW 8 Series Coloring Page

BMW 8 Series Coloring Page

Hello friends! The ColoringBookz team has prepared the BMW 8 Series Coloring Page. In 2018, the world saw this car, which amazed all motorists and not only. We have prepared a drawing of a BMW 8 Series coupe.

The BMW 8 Series (BMW M8) is a sports, luxury car that replaced the BMW M6. This car is very technologically advanced, it has a large variety of modern safety and stabilization systems, as well as a new feature that is loved by BMW drivers, which can separate the front axle to make the car fully rear-wheel drive.

The technical characteristics of the most powerful version of the BMW M8 series will amaze everyone:

  • Engine power: 617 hp
  • Acceleration 0-100: 3.3 sec
  • Maximum speed: 305 km / h

Incredible numbers are given by this car! This car is sporty and fast, but if necessary, you can adjust the suspension for comfort. According to technical data, it can be compared with the eternal competitor Mercedes AMG GT. Which car would you choose?

And now we propose to move on to the interesting part – to coloring. Prepare pencils and markers in bright colors, because this machine will only evoke vivid emotions. Therefore, we should only use bright colors. Turn on your fantasy and enjoy coloring!

What you need for coloring:

  • Download or print this printable coloring book.
  • Use colored pencils, colored markers, or paints. If you want to paint on your device, then use drawing apps.
  • Publish the resulting BMW 8 Series Coloring Page on your social networks and share it with your friends!

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