Apple Coloring Page

Apple Coloring Page

Hello, how are you, friends? This is an apple coloring page, just an apple. Do you know enough about apples? Here are some facts about apples, because they are such a healthy and popular fruit! The first fact is that apples were grown by humans 8500 years ago, wow, this is so long ago! The second fact is that an apple in the form of a symbol is on 80 coats of arms around the world. Another very important fact: apple tones up the body no worse than coffee. Another very important fact: apples contain a lot of vitamins B and C, so do not forget to eat apples, this is very useful.

Let’s move on to coloring, firstly, you can paint the apple in any apple color, green, red, yellowish. Second, add shadows and shine. The glitter base is already done in the picture, just leave this part white. If you want to make a drawing in the style of minimalism, then just completely paint over the apple in one color.

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