American Flag Coloring Page

American Flag Coloring Page

Hello patriots, this is American Flag Coloring Page! The symbol of the US, which was approved on July 4, 1960. The flag that everyone on earth knows. The flag is painted red and white on the lines, and the stars are painted white on a blue background. Each flag has its own meaning, on the US flag red is the valor and endurance of an American, blue is the diligence, vigilance, and justice of an American, white is innocence and purity.

When painting the flag, be careful not to stain white areas with bright colors. The metal beam can be painted white, gray, or light blue. In the background, you can draw something if you want. For example, buildings.

What you need for coloring:

  • Download or print this printable coloring book.
  • Use colored pencils, colored markers, or paints. If you want to paint on your device, then use drawing apps.
  • Publish the resulting American Flag Coloring Page on your social networks and share it with your friends!


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