Santa Claus Coloring Page

Santa Claus Coloring Page

Ho-ho-ho! Welcome to the coloring page of Santa Claus, our beloved and dear friend! On the eve of X-Mas, each of us is waiting for a gift from Santa Claus. We all make cookies and milk for Santa and wait for the holiday presents the morning after night. What do you most often expect from Santa Claus? This year for Christmas, make a pretty picture with this coloring book and hang it on the X-Mas tree, he will love it. Why did this character appear and why is his image so popular? What do you think friends? Write about it in your social media accounts. Did you know that Russia has its own character who looks like Santa Claus, but his name is Grandfather Frost? You can also write which holiday you like more, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, or maybe St. Patrick’s Day?

When you paint the picture, do not forget to add shadows, paint the buttons on the suit, and don’t forget to paint the belt. If you want to make the drawing more detailed, then add a tree, deer, gnomes, snow, falling snow to it.

If you liked the Santa Claus coloring page, then share the resulting drawing on your social networks with your friends. What gifts are you waiting for under the tree? Merry Christmas!

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