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Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Hello everyone on the Christmas tree coloring page! One of the main symbols of Christmas and New Year. Glowing lights, jingling bells, snow, a warm sweater, and family are associations associated with a wonderful holiday along with a tree.

People say that the tradition of decorating trees began with the Celts, who worshiped such trees. And here is the holiday version of the tree, to which we are accustomed to appearing among the Germanic peoples. Did you know that these glowing garlands are called fairy lights and symbolize spirits who left our world, or relatives, or just kind people who illuminate our homes and bring happiness? They were the first to hang the wreath and garlands on trees.

The X-mas tree is a symbol not only in countries where X-mas is celebrated but also in countries such as Turkey, Vietnam, and so on. What do you like to decorate the X-mas tree with? They are traditionally decorated with garlands, bells, and colorful balls.

We all know that we need to paint the X-mas tree in green, you can paint the toys as you like. You can add some background, toys, or even people for detail.

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